Restoration Services

Water Damage Restoration

Leaking faucets, burst pipes, and natural disasters like storms and floods can cause water damage. Water damage is among the most common destructive problems that homeowners can face. When it occurs, it needs immediate attention to avoid further damages (such as structure and furnishings damages and electrical hazards) to your home.

Even at the worst state, Atlas Cleaning Solutions will help you restore your home to the initial state. Our team of experts has extensive experience in water and flood restoration, and they ensure that you minimize additional property losses. We use the latest technology and the procedures of water extraction, dehumidification, and structural drying. Our restoration process is very efficient and effective as it minimizes the risk of water damaging your furniture, floors, and other items and surfaces that can easily develop molds and result in health issues.

Fire Damage Restoration

With the devastation caused by a fire seeing your beautiful home and precious possessions consumed by fire, you are likely to have endless strenuous to get your home back to its normal operation. Moreover, having a clear guidance and support in rescuing your possessions from further damage from fire, smoke, and soot can be reassuring. At Atlas Cleaning Solutions, we understand these challenges, and our team of experts is well equipped to always ready to restore your home to its operation as fast as possible. We understand that these damages can result in rust and discoloration without immediate and efficient fire restoration.

Mold Remediation

There is often mold where there is water or moisture. Mold can grow indoors on damp and wet surfaces like ceiling tiles, wallpapers, carpets, drywall, wood, and insulation materials. Note that mold has significant impacts on your home’s physical structure and the quality of life in your home. Our experts are highly trained and bonded in mold restoration. We isolate the part of your home that has mold from the one that does not have mold. We then tear out the carpet, floor, or walls that are harboring mold to prevent long-term damage. We also do air quality testing, which gives you the confidence to get back to your home. Contact Atlas Cleaning Solutions if you suspect or see any sign of mold damage.

Why Choose Us

Best Methods and Equipment: We use the latest equipment and advanced procedures for home restoration to achieve the best results. Quick response and restoration of your home back to its good state: Our experts work 24 hours a day for 7 days a week.

IICRC Standards: Our services are certified by the IICRC. We offer the services that are at par or exceed the set standards.