In the case of commercial cleaning, you get what you pay for. You might get a great deal on a solo operator with a broom, mop and dustpan, but that’s hardly the best solution for a business that needs to provide a clean environment for employees and clients.

Atlas Cleaning Solutions uses commercial grade equipment, and chemicals. Our green solutions are multiple times better and more effective at cleaning the daily build-up of office and industrial grime. How do our customers know when they are receiving good value out of their janitorial services? They see the value of our janitorial services at first glance. We’re fast, thorough, and that ends up saving them money in the long run. When there’s a problem or concern, we’re the first ones to spot it and notify the client.

Commercial cleaning and building maintenance

Atlas Cleaning Solutions is a locally-owned and widely trusted commercial janitorial company. Our focus is on detail-oriented custodial services for the businesses in our community, helping them grow by maintaining the cleanliness of their site.

How is Atlas Cleaning Solutions different?

  • Our solutions are green and custom-fitted to each client.
  • We believe that communication is the key to every client relationship. Any time you have a question or an issue you will have a manager or the owner on the phone.
  • Thoroughness! Regular spot checks by managers.
  • We pay all Atlas Cleaning Solutions employees a living wage and only offer full-time positions because we know that when they are happy with their jobs, they do a better job for you. We also conduct thorough background checks on all employees.
  • We use eco-friendly cleaning products without harsh chemicals, meaning a safer, purer environment for you, your employees and your customers.
  • Our vacuums are all Green Label Certified, meaning cleaner air and fewer allergens.

Did we mention we’re green? It’s better for the planet, and for you

Does your business prides itself on being green? Maybe you recycle paper, or used cooking oils, and maybe you’re even paperless. But what goes on after the employees have left and the cleaning crew has taken over? Make sure that your cleaning company does the same. It’s good for the environment and it’s less harsh for your employees.
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Atlas Cleaning Solutions, LLC is licensed, insured and bonded. Got questions about the services we provide? Write us to request a bid and we’ll get in touch with you right away. We would love to learn more about how we can meet your janitorial, custodial and maintenance needs.