Necessary as it may be, carpet cleaning can be daunting. For this reason, most people wait until their carpets are in really bad shape before they think of cleaning them. But cleaning the carpet is not just about removing stains. Regularly cleaned carpets last longer and prevent health issues related to dirty and dusty carpets.You should clean your carpets every 12-18 months at a minimum, depending on the foot traffic on them. Some manufacturers require frequent cleaning of their carpet as one of the terms of their warranties.

With so many DIY steam cleaning machines for carpets in the market, you might be wondering whether you can skip hiring professional carpet cleaners and clean your carpets yourself. If you have a lot of accidents or spills in your home, a small cleaner might be useful for cleaning messes before stain set in. But for thorough carpet cleaning, hiring professionals is advisable.

DIY cleaning comes with some risk

In general, the temperature to which DIY machines heat water is not as high as that of a commercial machine, meaning the DIY option is less effective. Furthermore, professional machines are far more powerful and can extract all the water and dirt from the carpet.

When cleaning is properly done, the dampness of the carpet should only be slight. A wet carpet is an indication that the machine used did not have enough power. When cleaning the carpet yourself, you may have to resort to using fans to speed up the process of drying. So you would have to wait for a longer time to replace furniture than you would have had you hired professional carpet cleaners.Other variables—such as the cleaning technique and the amount of cleaner used—present additional opportunities for things to go wrong when going the DIY way. So in most cases, you’re better off using professional cleaners.

You can still save on cost when hiring professionals

If you’re really keen on saving costs on hiring professional carpet cleaners, you can have them clean only the “high traffic” areas. In this case, the cleaners will leave heavy furniture such as beds and sofas in place and clean around them.Areas under large furniture don’t always require as much cleaning as they are not exposed to foot traffic and dust particles. However, if you move your furniture around often, it’s advisable to have the entire carpet area cleaned.